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Web Development

Web DevelopmentIf you need a website, intranet, or web based tool/system building, then I can help you! I have over 10 years experience building websites, from simple sites like this one up to monster content managed systems with thousands of pages. I've also worked on press offices, asset management systems, intranets, internal productivity/workflow tools and assorted other systems.

I'm familiar with a number of web-related programming languages and technologies, incliding ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML/XHTML, XML/XSLT, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, PHP, MySQL and IIS.

I can do everything from speccing out the website and planning it, through to site build, testing and deployment. Or you can just give me a brief and get me to build the site for you! I don't do design, but if you need a designer, I work with a number of excellent freelance designers I can refer you to.

Below are a few of the types of sites that I can help with:

Content Mananged Websites:

Content managed websites are sites where the site owner has the ability to update and manage the content of the website, without needing to know HTML, and without having to get someone like me to make changes for them. They're great for companies who just want to have a website and be able to look after it all themselves.

E-Commerce Websites:

E-commerce websites allow you to sell your products and services over the web. This could be as sinmple as selling T-Shirts, to a complex site that lets you configure and build computer systems and order them.


If you're a company with a lot of employees, or with a lot of internal procedures and documents, you may benefit from an Intranet. An intranet is a site that's only visible inside your work network that contains things like useful documents and document template, calendars, holiday request forms etc. They can help keep employee information in one place, and are often used to help streamline internal processes.


A blog is a site where you post about your company/industry. You could be posting about your latest prouduct, or about your latest project, or even just commenting on industry events. Blogs are a great way of communicating with your customers, and used correctly, can help drive traffic to your site.

Site Maintenance:

If you already have a website, but need some changes making and don't have the skills in house, then I can help. I can usually make any changes required, as long as all the relevant source code files are available!

If you'd like to talk to me about web development work, please get in touch.