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Thumbs Up to all involvedThis site was built using the rather excellent Umbraco CMS, an open source, ASP.Net CMS framework. I recommend this product highly, it's a great frramework, not only for developing content managed websites, but also for building other web based systems.

All coding on the site was done by me (oddly enough). The rather awesome monkeys that adorn the website and the main monkey/shotgun logo were deisgned by Dr Geof Banyard, ace illustrator extraordinaire, provider of copious quantities of tea and all round nice chap.

This site makes use of several icons from the excellent FamFamFam silk icon set.

You may notice that this site is light on whizzy animated crap and fancy jquery gubbins. While I can develop that kind of stuff, this is my site, and I wanted to keep it nice and simple, to make it easy to navigate round and use on a variety of devices.

Wherever possible this site uses valid XHTML and CSS.