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What's Umbraco? I hear you cry! Umbraco is an open source content management system that's built in ASP.Net (yes, you read that right, its open source, and it's built in ASP.Net).

Umbraco is my goto CMS system, and the chances are that if I build you a content managed web site, unless you have very specific hosting requirements, I'll be building it for you in Umbraco. Seeing as I use it a lot, I thought I'd put some information about it up on my site.

What Does It Do?

Umbraco allows you to build easy to use, standards compliant websites that can be managed by the site owners without them needing to know HTML. Using Umbraco you can set up anything from a basic site like this one, to a huge site with members only areas, complex functionality and hundreds of thousands of pages of content.

Why Do I Use It?

I use Umbraco because it's easy to use and set up, produces nice clean HTML markup and it's easy to extend to add additional functionality. It also has one of the most friendly development communities that I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Clients love the easy to follow user interface of the back office (see screenshot below), and how easy it is for them to manage their site compared to other CMS systems.

Umbraco CMS Screenshot

Because it's open source, it means my clients have the security of knowing that even if they decide to use a different developer, they can take their site to any of the large number of Umbraco freelancers and development shops, and they know that they can get hold of the source code at any time.

I'm a level 2 certified Umbraco developer, and I encourage others to take the training courses if you're interested in working with Umbraco as a developer. You can find details of Umbraco training courses here.

I also encourage developers to get involved with the community and develop extensions for the core CMS. I've written several extensions for Umbraco myself, which you can download from here.

If you'd like to find out more about Umbraco, or would like a quote for building an Umbraco powered website, please get in touch.

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