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TestingTesting is one of those things that everyone hates doing, but if it's not done, or not done properly, then you run the risk of your customers seeing the site break or finding errors, which reflects badly on you! Its actualy quite hard to test your own code, as you're so close to it, you find it harder to do things that will actually break the site, because you're used to using it a certain way!

I can provide testing services in a number of key areas, from basic site testing, through to security and accessibility compliance. I've provided a breakdown of some of the types of testing that I offer below.

Website Testing:

This involves testing the site and making sure that everything works correctly as expected. Do all the links work? Do the forms send emails correctly? Do the forms validate input? Does and complicated logic work correctly? All of these things are checked to make sure that the site does what its meant to. Once I'm done, you'll get a report containing all of the issues that I've found, along with suggestion on how to fix them.

Browser Testing:

There's nothing worse than opening up a website in your browser of choice, only to find that the layout's exploded all over the place, and important bits of functionality don't work. Browser testing involves checking the site in all of the main browsers to make sure that there aren't any issues. IF there are, I compile a report of the issues, and where I'm able to identify a fix, I will supply details of how to fix the issues.

Accessibility Testing:

It's now a legal requirement for public sector websites in the UK to comply with a minimum level of accessibility for disabled people. However, a surprising number of sites still do not comply with this legislation. I can test your website against accessibility guidleines and identify what level of compliance your site meets, and what issues there are and what can be done to make sure that your site complies with the relevant legislation. Once I'm done, I will supply a detailed report listing all of the issues and what you can do to try and make your site more accesible.

Security Testing:

Security is important, especially for e-commerce sites and sites that store people's personal details like their address. I can test your site to make sure that it's not vulnerable to basic hacking techniques like cross site scipt injection, and SQL injection. I can also check for things like sensitive data being stored as plain text (credit card details for example). Once I'm done I will provide a report listing any issues that I was able to identify, along with suggestions on how to fix them. Note: I do not do full penetration testing etc, if you require that level of security testing, you should use a dedicated security firm.

Code Audits:

If you have some code that's been written for you that you want checking out, I can do a code audit for you. This is where I go through the code looking for things like efficiency, ease of readability, security and come back to you with any problems with the code. Once I've gone through the code, I'll provide a report detailing any issues that I've found.

If you'd like to talk to me about testing work, please get in touch.