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Upgrading to 7.3: Part 3 - Switching to Razor

In part 2 of this series, I talked about upgrading the site to 7.3. At this point we have a nice shiny site, but all of the additional functionality is currently in XSLT. The client this is for prefers their sites in Razor these days, so as an added thing to do, I now have to port the site over to Razor.

In the back office, all of the old templates were still listed, but as I hadn't copied the master pages across from the old site (as we're switching to MVC), they'rer all empty. It was fairly trivial to then just re-save each of those (which created the physical view pages in my project), and then adding a Layout file with the outer page. I copied all the HTML from the old templates, with a few minor changes. I was able to remove a couple of templates, and combine a couple of others!

The old site is nearly 5 years old, so pretty much everything is XSLT/Macros. Razor allows you to move everything into partials and controllers, so looking at the code, it's possible to do away with all of the Macros bar the one that allows you to embed a special corporate video into the Richtext editor.

I went through the site and converted all the old macro based functionality into Razor. Some of it could just be inlined in the templates, as it was template specific, the rest was turned into plain old partials.

A few parts of the code made sense to be surface controllers (the search, and a user profile page, as well as the login stuff). THese were pretty easy to port over.

With the XSLT, al ot of the code could just be ported over and rewritten. Quite a few macros were no longer needed, or could be combined. By the time I was done, I only had a handful of Partials, compare to the 20+ Macros on the old version of the site.

Once I'd tested everything to make sure it still worked compared to the old version of the site, it was time to tidy up. All of the old Macros and XSLT files were deleted from Umbraco.

At this point, we have a fully upgraded site, now running on the latest version of Umbraco! As an added bonus, between starting this and finishing, Umbraco crept up to 7.3.4, but a quick "Update-Package UmbracoCms" in Nuget in VS sorted that out very quickly and efficiently!

The site and database can now be deployed, replacing the old site, and we're good to go!

All in all, the process has been significantly less hassle than I expected, and I'm really imprressed with how straightforward it all was. I'd be much less hesitant to recommend upgrading a fairly straighforward Umbraco site than I might have been previously. I'd love to hear if anyone else has tried this, and whether your experiences were as painless as mine!