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Media Copy Package For Umbraco

I've released a new package that allows you to copy media library items! You can download it from the our.umbraco site, here!

Custom Menus Updated to Version 1.1

I've updated my Custom Menus package to include two new features!

The first is the ability to have members of the Administrator group see the normal menus instead of the ones you've set up in the rules. To enable this, set the new ignoreForAdmin node in the customMenus.config file to true. Once enabled, it will disable all custom menu sets that you've set up in the config file, as long as the logged in user is a member of the Administrator group.

The second update allows you to make the rules affect the Media section as well. To switch this feature on, simply set the new useInMediaSection node in the customMenus.config file to true. This will make the package check the rules against media items as well as content ones. Everything else is exactly the same. As with content nodes, the package will respect any permissions that are already defined on the media items, so if a user cannot perform an action and you assign it to the node, they still won't be able to perform that action.

Here is an example of a config file using the new config items:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <add docTypeAlias="settings" nodeId="" clickAction="javascript:UmbClientMgr.appActions().openDashboard('content');" menuItems="refreshNode" />
        <add docTypeAlias="settingsHomepageBoxes" nodeId="" clickAction="javascript:UmbClientMgr.appActions().openDashboard('content');" menuItems="create,sort,separator,refreshNode" />
        <add docTypeAlias="settingsHomepageBox" nodeId="" clickAction="" menuItems="delete,separator,publish" />

To upgrade from a previous version, all you need to do is replace the DLL in your bin folder with the new one, and update your config file to include the two new settings.

You can download the updated version of the package here.